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“To all the fans I met on this project: I am in awe of your generous and welcoming spirit and in this pop culture Mardi Gras, this underworld of absolute love and camaraderie. It’s been a thrilling ride and the biggest discovery in making this movie. I am forever and ever indebted to all the fans, organizers and comic talent at large. I wish the world could be as joyful as a comic convention.” -Frank Miller

FRANK MILLER: AMERICAN GENIUS documents the unique journey of an unparalleled American artist.  The film explores the near half-century career of the legendary comic book artist and writer.  Made for his fans following a near death experience, the documentary delves into Miller’s radical and defining influence on art, storytelling and culture. Following his small town beginnings in Vermont, to New York City, Hollywood, and beyond; this intimate documentary delves into his failures, successes, self-destruction and re-discovery.

“The genesis of the documentary came from various sources and fans urging us to document this great American genius who had recently survived a near death experience. As we started this process, Miller had just begun his recovery. He had a clear lust for life, a desire to reclaim years of “wasted time” and further his artistic identity. Before the pandemic, Miller had returned to traveling and working on a range of new projects. The further we followed him through this journey, the more we uncovered the craft of comic book making. It was and continues to be a world inspired by women, artists, writers, craftsmen, and a global group of eager and astute fans. This movie is for them; to become a part of, and further explore, the inner workings of their idol and sensei, Frank Miller.”




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Legendary creator Frank Miller is regarded as one of the most influential and awarded creators in the entertainment industry today; known for his intense, hard-boiled storytelling and gritty noir aesthetic across comics, novels and film. Miller first gained notoriety in the late 1970s as the artist and later writer of Daredevil for Marvel. Next came the samurai drama Ronin, followed by the groundbreaking Batman: The Dark Knight and Batman: Year One. He then fulfilled a lifelong dream by creating the all-out crime series Sin City, which was an instant success. Recently, Miller, launched Frank Miller Presents, an independent publishing company focused on creating and curating artist-driven comics. In 2015, Miller was inducted into the Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame for his lifetime of contributions to the industry.

credit: Sophy Holland

Silenn Thomas, a film and television director and producer, serves as CEO of Frank Miller Ink, the production company founded by the legendary comic creator. The documentary FRANK MILLER: AMERICAN GENIUS marks her first directorial effort. Thomas first worked with Miller when she acted as an Associate Producer on the film adaptation of his signature work, 300. Her other credits include THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES, SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR, and CURSED. She has worked in various capacities with countless industry visionaries including Luc Besson, George A. Romero, Kathleen Kennedy, Marc Canton, Mike Figgis and Robert Rodriguez. Thomas is a graduate of the prestigious UCLA film school directing program.

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